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Can Shoes Give Hope? | Sycamore Photographer | SMP

Life moves pretty fast these days…they call it the digital age, because we all have smartphones and laptops and are plugged in nearly all hours of the day! I want to share a little bit today on the simple joys in life. In my personal life, I have been trying to hone in on the…

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Liz’s Session | Sycamore Illinois Senior Photographer

I always say people should never stop learning, and I’ve adopted that philosophy myself. I may be a mom, and yes, high school is behind me (plus a few years, wink wink), but I am a lifelong learner. Whether it’s senior photography, new books, different viewpoints, or learning a brand new skill, I dive right…

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Shining Moments Photography Art | Sycamore Senior Photography

Newly Designed SMP Art: Forever Memories Each time a client leaves their session, i await the big moment: the reveal! i absolutely adore hearing about their favorite images as they see themselves through my eyes (lens), and as their parents see what their senior looks like, all grown up. It’s one of my favorite times…

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