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OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! | Sycamore Senior Photographer

OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Did you  LIKE the Shining Moments Photography Facebook page? If not,  then you probably didn’t see the VIDEO post yesterday. No worries, you can still go check it out! Go ahead, click on over – LIKE SMP – and watch the replay – Seriously, it’s only a few minutes, and there’s some pretty…

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Art in Downtown Naperville

Art in Downtown Naperville I know it’s back-to-school season, and to round out these posts, I wanted to share some local inspiration! I recently visited downtown Naperville, Illinois, where I saw some pretty amazing art. Artists were sponsored by local businesses to make benches inspired by some literary favorites. From Harry Potter (my personal favorite),…

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Teen Fall Fashion Trends 2017

Ready to get your wardrobe stylin’ for fall? Today, we’re talking about trends…fall trends, to be exact! It’s fun for me to see the variety in fashion and style each year as a senior photographer. The teens and seniors that I photograph always love sharing their love of fashion with me, and help keep this…

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