:: Head Shot Tips ::

Headshot are used more and more, both in printed and digital media. Shining Moments Photography headshot photography is located in Sycamore, Illinois. Your professional may be requested for a new business venture, corporations, college applications, for businesses updating their employee’s business cards + website ‘About Page’, or simply needed for all the online job application sites such as LinkedIn.  Having an up-to-date headshot is a must in our fast-paced world. Shining Moments Photography offers both studio and on-location head shots for Teens, Professionals, Theater, and more. This Headshot page provides tips to help you prepare for a successful headshot session with Andrea, Shining Moments Photography, from what-to-wear, what-to-bring, and  hair + makeup tips.

General Tips ::

Before your session please tell Andrea, Shining Moments Photographer, how + where your head shot will be used. Consider the type of headshot you will be photographed for and match your pieces accordingly. Be well rested + drink lots of water.

Jewelry ::

Keep jewelry simple – small is better.  Avoid jewelry that distracts from your face, or that can date the image quickly.  Remember the headshot is about your face and the audience you are displaying your headshot image out to.  If the head shot will be used on the internet the profile block is typically small.

Ladies ::

Be stylish, remember the focus is on your face, not the clothes and accessories.  Consider the necklines of your shirts.  Different necklines can change the shape of your face {model in the mirror}.  Shirts and jackets should have a tailored fit {baggy or wrinkled are obvious in photos and cannot be Photoshopped}.  Sleeveless tops and dresses draw attention to arms + shoulders.   Avoid big prints + busy patterns on your shirts.   Avoid busy patterns + large stripes, when in doubt go classic if your headshot is for business professional purposes.   Blue/green shirts or accents help accentuate blue/green/hazel eyes.  In general, wear an outfit that is comfortable and flatters you.  And lastly, Never wear turtlenecks – Period.

Guys ::

For the business look, a classic suit jacket, dress shirt + tie is perfect. If you’re going for more of a business casual look, wear dress shirt + tie.  If you are wearing a dress shirt alone, wear a colored shirt that is darker than your skin tone, and only wear a white shirt if it will be underneath a jacket or sweater.  If you need help selecting, bring along a few shirts + ties to your headshot session.

What To Bring ::

Lip gloss or chapstick, which gives a smooth finish for both ladies and guys.  Bring a hairbrush or comb for touch-ups, along with translucent powder for makeup touch-ups.  Please arrive with your hair + makeup ready.  And most importantly, a fun spirit, which always shines though in your pictures!

Hair + Makeup Tips ::

Wear a heavier layer of translucent powder to help with the shine spots and evens out your skin.  If you like a pop of lip color remember to line your lips first to prevent bleeds. No lipstick is okay also, but wear gloss or chapstick to smooth lines. Avoid shimmers, frosts, or a lot of sparkles. They come out as glares or spots on the image.  Please cut your hair a week before your headshot session, not the day before.  Do not use a new product or new hair color before the shoot in case you experience a reaction to the product.


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