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Picture Perfect Holiday Style | Sycamore Senior Photographer

When it comes to holiday parties and events, I think people fall on two ends of the spectrum: one group is overjoyed to have an excuse to get glammed up and have a night on the town, and the other group is a bit overwhelmed with choosing the perfect outfit. No matter where you fall…

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5 Study Tips To ACE Finals | Senior Photographer | Geneva Illinois

5 Tips To Help ACE Your Finals Here we go! Like it or not finals are coming up before we get to relax for Christmas break. Listen to music WITHOUT lyrics. There’s actually a study that proves listening to music without lyrics can improve your concentration and memory. I would personally recommend Lindsey Stirling or…

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway – Sycamore Senior Photographer

Yes, it’s time for my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! If you’ve been following along on Facebook (on my page or group), you know we are halfway through with our incredible giveaways. I’ve chosen some of my favorite items, as well as some special treats that you can use to relax and refresh during this…

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10 Teen Bucket List Ideas to Try | Geneva Senior Photographer

Bucket lists are really popular, as you probably know. Before I die, I want to…go to one of so-and-so’s concerts, meet a celebrity I like, travel to someplace really cool, etc. But some of those are admittedly, far-fetched. Not to say you won’t be able to complete them, but it might take a little more…

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The Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes during Math Tests

Have you ever walked into your math class and knew you were going to ACE IT? Next day:: Ready to see that bright red A on the top of your paper, only to do a double-take when you actually get it? That surely does not have a letter C under MY name? via GIPHY What…

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