Hello Beautiful!   Hi!    Hey Girlie!

I greet people in different ways all the time...because we're all different + it adds that little bit of sparkle to greet someone in an unexpected way!

I'm Andrea, portrait photographer, psuedo-extrovert, former Seattle Sonics manager, turned teacher, turned Mom, turned professional photographer.

Can we talk Senior pictures for a minute? Yes, I also shoot professional headshots, but High School Senior pictures specifically, are the tipping point of closing out the at-home years and on the edge of discovering the next adventure! It's most likely the LAST TIME teens get professional portraits taken, until their wedding day! {I know, right? Let that sink in a second} The last time they get to sparkle in front of the lens, be the STAR of their show, until their wedding day!

Can their Senior Story be told by any photographer? Maybe. But the last year of high school should be celebrated, something fabulous! That's what I strive for with every high school senior. It's the last time you sit in the senior section at the football games. Senior year is the last year on the cheer team. Last soccer game. Last school play. Final choir performance. F-I-N-A-L! Capturing this year, senior year, YOUR YEAR, in a memorable experience, rather than a snapshot can be the perfect ending to the high school story. If you see things the way I do scroll down + CLICK to find out more about the SMP Senior Experience & let's start planning your last high school memory!


Andrea of Shining Moments Photography is an incredible photographer. She LOVES her job & has captured numerous special moments of our family for several years.

~ {Lias K.}

Andrea is a warm and inviting professional who captured the essence of my son for us to enjoy forever. Fantastic Senior pictures!

~ {Michele Z.}