Hello Beautiful! Hi! Hello! Good Morning!

I greet people in all these ways and they give my first impression. I only have one shot at making an impression. So I have a good reason to over-think my greeting 😉

Hi, I’m Andrea, passionate story photographer, psuedo-extrovert, former Seattle Sonics manager, turned teacher, turned Mom, turned professional photographer. Those are the cliff notes in case you’re in a rush.

There has been a lot of adventure in my short 40-something years. I am a born & raised Northwest Girl, who made a four-year pitstop in Texas before heading up to Northern Illinois.  I would consider myself shy when I venture out and meet people + a little quirky. I’m sentimental, and that’s why I find High School Seniors such an exciting + captivating time and my most favorite to photograph. They are on the tipping point of closing out their at-home school years and on the edge of discovering a whole new and exciting LIFE! And, it’s most likely the LAST TIME they get professional images taken, until their wedding day. It’s truly an exciting time and I love sharing it with seniors and their parents!

I am also a bit sarcastic…high-energy…love sports of all sorts and like shopping the latest fashions. However, my high-energy may be attributed to my Starbucks habit.  I can be all over the board, but that also helps see all sides of the diverse people I photograph.  Finding out a little bit of each person’s personality and shine before and during a session is what gives the session its story! Life changes fast, and we’re adding chapters all the time.  Again, one of the best chapters is your teen + high school senior time where there are so many changes happening on a daily – weekly – monthly basis.  These years aren’t snapped enough, but they are my absolute favorite chapter! I have one in middle school and one in high school and showing them how amazing they are through photos not only gives me memories forever, but celebrates who they are and what they love to do. I want them to be their best, not someone else’s best. I want everyone to see themselves in full frame – with no cropping! #BEYOU #YourYearYourLife

I wrote a blog post explaining where my photography thrives from HERE if you have a minute. If not, that’s ok too, life’s busy and you have a lot going on;) I’ll leave you with a few random + quirky facts, and hope that I see you in front of my lens someday soon!

Shine On & Sparkle More


That's me...a Northwest girl hanging out in the Midwest, raising a family and excited to create more photographic stories.  Hopefully we meet in person sometime, and until then...

Shine On & Shine Bright!


Andrea, Shining Moments Photography, is located in Sycamore, Illinois and specializes in modern teen portrait sessions that highlights your individual sparkle! Click around for a few minutes + take a peek at just a few past sessions.